Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hercules #4

So in a quick change from the other posts, I wanted to highlight a single issue of a comic instead of a number of them. Hercules, which was launched as part of the All-new, All-different Marvel Universe, has been very entertaining so far. It is a fun play on the legend of Hercules. He is in modern times trying to still be as best a hero as he can be. 

This issue picks up in the middle of the story arc going on. As of now, we have seen ancient mythical creatures, immortal beings and other stuff of legend being scared of what is referred to as "The Rising Storm".  Hercules makes it his mission to try and stop whatever is plaguing these creatures. 

Hercules finds that his friend Gilgamesh has unknowingly got himself into some trouble. Gilgamesh is captured by a clan of ancient creatures who plan to sacrifice him for a ritual to stop the storm. Now, Hercules must figure out where he is and save him in time. 

While all of this has been going on, an ancient friend of Hercules's, Tiresias, had been attacked in a previous issue. Tiresias is a seer and warns Hercules of the strength of "The Uprising Storm". Hercules's landlord and friend, Sophia, goes to stay with Tiresias at the hospital. 

When we check in on Tiresias at the hospital we see a member of The Uprising Storm, Horoscope, at her bedside. Horoscope is about to finish the job when Sophia walks into the room. Horoscope quickly makes her appearance look like a nurse and exits the room without killing Tiresias. 

Eventually, Hercules finds that Gilgamesh was taken to a building that is under construction. Hemomentarily stops the ritual and a fight ensued. The leader of the ancient clan grabs Gilgamesh and is about to sacrifice him when two members of "The Uprising Storm" showup. They introduce themselves as Cryptomnesia and Catastrophobia, the God of Tech and the God of War. These are the new gods who are attempting to replace the old legends. 

Hercules is unimpressed with these new gods and begins to provoke them. This leads to them showing Hercules just how strong they are. Catastrophobia blows up the bundling they are standing in and that is the end of the issue. 

Overall, this issue did a lot for this story. While we have been hearing about the strength of The Uprising Storm since the beginning, in this story we got to see it. Without a second thought, they demolished a building and stopped a ritual aimed at stopping them. If that was not enough, we also see why the ancient creatures are afraid of them. The storm can get to them wherever they are. The one who finds Tiresias is the hospital shows that no place is safe. It wi certainly be interesting to see what Hercules is going to do to stop them. At this point he seems gravely outmatched. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Books of the Month: Thor Vol. 1 The Goddess of Thunder

Let me, first, get this out of the way. This book is not about Lady Thor or Thor Woman. It is about the Thor. Odison, the former holder Mjölnir, has been deemed unworthy. He is no longer Thor. So who is the new Thor? 

We begin this story with an array of Asgardian characters on the moon. This happens to be where Mjölnir went after Thor was deemed unworthy. All of the Asgardians, including Odin, try to pry the hammer from the surface. None are able to. 

While the attempts to lift the hammer are happening, there is an invasion of Frost Giants on Earth. Odin says that it is not an Agarsian issue and leaves. Odinson decides to try and save Earth even though he does not have the hammer. This does not end well for him. He loses his left arm in the battle and the Frost Giants continue to attack earth. 

While this battle wages on, we see someone new lifting Mjölnir from the moon's surface and heading to earth. This is different than what most expect as Thor is now a woman. She possess Mjölnir and all the power that comes it. 

Once back on earth, she confronts the Frost Giants, who are being led my Malekith the Accursed. Malekith is the leader of the Dark Elves and always has an alterior motive. The Frost Giants are looking for the head of their ancient King Laufey. He fell in battle many years earlier on Earth and his remains were never found. Until Roxxon Corporation, an evil corporation, discovered them at the bottom of the ocean. 

The attacks is taking place at Roxxon Corporation Headquarters. The CEO of Roxxon, Dario Agger,  is not all that he seems to be either. It turns out he transforms into a Minotaur. He, eventually,  locks himself inside the vault where the skull is stored. Eventually Malekith makes his way inside the vault and the two of them fight. 

While Malekith and Dario fight. The Odison shows up to confront Thor. He says she stole the hammer and they end up doing battle. They fight until Odinson realized Mjölnir has chosen this new Thor. He decided to trust the hammer and fight alongside her. 

After they have defeated all the Frost Giants, Thor enters the vault and smashes the skull. She says of that's what they're fighting over, neither will have it. Malekith leaves and burns Odinson's severed arm. Dario tells them to leave his property. We later see Dario and Malekith discussing a deal for the real skull. The one that was destroyed was a fake. 

Back on the moon, Thor is about to place the Hammer down when Freyja, shows to warn her. Freyja is the wife of Odin and the mother of Odinson.  She warns Thor that Odin will come for the hammer and that she should be prepared. 

This ends the tale of the Frost Giants' attack on earth but does not end our story.  There is one last part to cover. Back in Asgard, Odin has called upon his brother, Cul Borson to act as his minister of justice. Cul is the God of Fear and has previously tried to take over Asgard. Odin is so desperate he has decided to trust him. Odin wants to know the identity of Thor and wants the hammer returned to, who he believes, is its rightful owner. Our story ends with Cul and Odin looking at the destroyer. This is a metallic robot like Asgardian weapon that is very powerful. Cul plans to use it to find Thor, reveal her indentity and return the hammer. 

While Odin is appointing a new minister of justice, Odinson is in one of the halls trying to narrow down his list of who Thor could be. He approaches Lady Sif, who he had a relationship with. He asks her if she is the new Thor, she gets offended by this notion and throws mead in his face. She storms off while he continues to drink mead. Eventually, he is led out of the hall by his warriors three. 

This story is a great read. It has a lot of action and a lot of great storytelling. The establishing of Thor being a woman and not being a version of Thor is new and interesting. They establish her story really well. She is a strong courageous person. She won't back down from a fight and she's resourceful. 

This story incorporates a lot of well know villains, heroes and side characters from the history of Thor. It is also a good introduction as it provides a lot of details so there is not a lot of information missing on past events. Especially when it comes to what actually made Odinson unworthy. No one knows what was actually whispered. 

I have read the next volume of this story as well. It only gets better. Please check out Thor Vol. 2 if you want to know how this story plays out!

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