Monday, September 21, 2015

Superior Iron Man

As you can tell from my introduction Iron Man is my favorite superhero. When I was younger there was a cartoon on television. It did not last long on air but it grabbed my imagination. Iron Man is the alter ego of Tony Stark, a billionaire who owns Stark Industries. Something really cool about Iron Man is that he has a Hall of Armor which houses armors that can do just about anything you can imagine. He had suits to travel into space, dive deep into the ocean and anything in between. How could this not grab a child's attention.

I mention all of the above to say my perception of Tony Stark has changed since I was younger. I never noticed the ego or the demons of the man inside the armor. Tony Stark is a very arrogant man who has had his battles with womanizing and alcoholism as well. In Superior Iron Man his egotism and bravado are cranked up to ten. It was a very enjoyable look at Tony Stark and Iron Man with the hero restrictions removed. These restrictions were removed because of the evens of Avenger & X-Men: Axis in which the personalities of heroes and villains get inverted. The villains attempt save the day and the heroes are trying to take over the world.

After these events Iron Man, who avoided being reverted back to normal, decides to move to San Francisco and sell the ability to be perfect to the citizens living there. He start off by giving away a free sample of perfection, it's a free sample of the Extremis drug, through an app on their phones. Along the way he does battle with Teen Abomination, Daredevil, Pepper Potts and even himself. It's a great story with an interesting twist on such an established character. 

Have intentionally avoided any big spoilers as I highly recommend reading this.



If you are reading this then you probably already know me but just in case, my name is Louie. Two of my biggest interests are comics and running. I decided to start Whoosh as a way to broaden my blogging from just running. I used to write on a blog with my friend Riley called VS. The Road. This was primarily dedicated to all things running. Here on this blog I hope to provide updates on my running, new running gear, the comics I am reading, new comic movies and even start a monthly comic book club. Basically, this blog is all about fun in one form or another.

And for those wondering, I chose the word Whoosh! because in the comics it's sound effect used to indicate when someone starts running.

Thanks for joining in my next writing adventure and I hope you enjoy the ride!

PS. Iron Man is the best superhero. (Feel free to disagree)